Rachel Christiansen //

I was that girl with the camera. Always. In fact, my camera was such a familiar sight to family members that it would elicit groans when it made an appearance. I have the evidence in a multitude of family photos full of forced smiles throughout the years. But we all start somewhere, and I guess that was my beginning!

Who am I now? A portrait photographer? A lifestyle photographer? A mother incessantly snapping photos of her kids? I guess I’m a little bit of everything!

I’m simply looking to capture life’s precious moments. I love the chubby arms of newborns, the unpredictable antics of three year-olds, and the playfulness of a family. I get a kick out of toothless smiles and sassy sideways glances! Quite often I hear how patient I am with children, which can only come from my 12 years as an elementary school teacher...and my love for what I do!

I am inspired by the magic that exists in childhood, and look to create artwork that families will treasure. I can’t wait to do that for your family!